Products at The Bike Barn

The Bike Barn carries a wide range of bicycles, bicycle accessories and clothing. Doug likes to meet customers' needs, and he makes sure The Bike Barn has a wide range of products to meet those needs.


The Bike Barn has over 150 new bicycles in stock, including recumbents, tandems, lady's bikes, and upright bikes. All new bikes sold at The Bike Barn are of the same high quality you should expect at a bike store.

Types of bikes


Ready for a test ride? We have 44 new recumbents of the following makes and models ready to go. We also have 6 used recumbents. Feel free to try one (or more).



Sun Bicycles


Performer 3-Wheel Recumbents

3-Wheel Recumbents

Used Recumbents

  • Linear
  • RANS F5 - large
  • RANS Stratus XL
  • RANS V3 Steel XL
  • RANS V3 XL Ti
  • Sun EZ Rider SX


  • RANS F5 650C
  • RANS V3 Steel


Handcycles allow you to power your bike with your hands and arms instead of your legs.


We have 3 recumbent tandems in stock plus 2 upright tandems. Tandeming is a good equalizer for 2 riders of differing strengths.

New Recumbent Tandems

  • RANS Screamer

Used Recumbent Tandems

  • RANS Screamer w/IPS (2)

Upright Tandems

  • KHS Milano Tandemania
  • Schwinn Sierra (small)


These bikes are designed to make it easier to choose your bike over your car. The features make it easy for you to get out and around: lights that never need batteries, fenders and mudguards, an oversized rack, a built-in lock, a kickstand, and a bell.

Comfort Bikes

In addition to recumbents, other comfort bikes found at The Bike Barn include those from Fuji. These are reasonably priced bikes with the upright position popular with many casual and recreational riders. Features commonly found on comfort bikes are adjustable stem/handlebars, a wider and softer seat with a shock seat post, and 26" wheels and tires for a cushier ride.

Step-through Bikes, also known as Lady's Bikes

Good step-through bikes are hard to find but we stock as many models as we can to give people who prefer the step-through a good selection. We currently have about 20 different styles, colors and sizes of step-through bikes.

Mountain Bikes, Hybrids, and Road Bikes

The Bike Barn carries the Fuji mountain bikes, hybrids, and road bikes. Fuji bicycles have been very good sellers, and we stock approximately 50 sizes and models.

BMX/Freestyle Bikes

We stock 4 different BMX and Freesyle bikes from SE Racing.


The Bike Barn carries a full line of bicycling accessories. Whether you're looking for seats, computers, bags, gloves, or a helmet, there's something for you. Here's a sampling of the accessories The Bike Barn carries: